Days after back to school

Today I have nearly come to school for a month.Looking back books is my main companion.Now I am reading  books on Linux C Programming、Hibernate O/R mapping 、Struts 、and Java Virtual Machine.

First I talk about the book about Linux C Programming. A story with this book.I didnot borrow the book at the borrow room, but due to my unattention I put it in the bag and !! I just had brought it out the libary without the Checking Machine warning.Come to the right word:the book is not talked deeply ,it just mention the simply concept and followed by serveral examples.On douban it was just rated about six points,the quality is obvious.But what attracts me is:each chapter’s Data Struct and Function Declaration.By becoming familar with them,it will benefit my research on Linux kernel. And as it’s not a classical book,I ‘ll look it through in two or three days.

Inside Java Virtual Machine,a pretty good book on douban,but I read it not throuthly.It writes detailly and throuthly . The main part I rememered is not too much:The .class file’s pattern/Security of load class +Naming space/the precdure of load a class and so on .It just give me a genernal but shallow congnition.

As to the other books:

the two Java Opensource Frame books is worth to read ,it help me get the unclear place I once encountered clear.Besides I got familar with ant , the one worth to mention.

the one about PL/SQL  is borrowed just for get familar with the Oracle DB Basics–nothing new.

That’s all,like record something on a memo.Forgive me the grammar mistakes or mispellings.


Having watched most of the MaShiBing’s HIbernate video,but until yesterday did I begin to do the Hibernate Configuration and finished the first demo past noon.

About the Hibernate initial configure detail I am not go in depth.You may fall back by the weird various exceptions at your beginning of studying Hibernate.Usually the problems is the lack of some jars,so it’s not that complex and my suggestion is Google some experiences of our pioneer or just find some summarily articles about the relationships between the various jars.

And on earth it’s the jar files that the ‘cow man’ write to accomplish some specific work or bring conveniences to us programmers.We normally import and use them.So perfect our technique and create our own jars.

As in the videos Mr Ma use JUnit to show us the theory of Hibernate,I first try it but found I’m not that clear.So I download Ma’s videos about JUnit and watched five chapters(totally 13).It’s nothing new,in a word you use JUnit to test your programs’ correctness or more summarily if your program carried out your assume.

Not A Perfect Day

Fell  asleep at 1 0’clock and wake up at 8 o’clock in the same day,but not felt too sleepy.Yesterday I downloaded some videos about Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Video Lectures .I watched the first chapter fully,feel inspiring.The professor talks plainly and deliver the nature of computer science in depth.But in the afternoon ,in the following several videos it began deliver the classical problem such as Hanoi and Fibanachi Problem,as there are too abstract and the professor’s fast accent,I quit !!

In evening I am mostly engaged in finishing the user login part of the DRP project!

Though boring,I get a tip about JSP:

The/character :I use the RequestDispatcher object to forward a page but it always can’t functioning .At last I found I had omitted the / in the beginning of the url parameter.

One day’s conclusion:Not get this day’s full potential /Have not got a daily plan though I had embedded a scheduler in Google Peronal page–write the things down is always help.

Record The First Day

I  waked up early this morning but sleep again until nealy eleven o’clock. After having a simple breakfast,I got into the work—contiue the DRP Project until nearly four 0’clock.What’s boring me is the low configuration of the computer I am using.

During the serveral hours I finished the User Manager part.

What get my attention is the difference between response.sendRedirect(String url) and request.getRequestDispatcher(String url).Forward(req,res) ,the two methods’ parameter ‘url’:the first ‘url’ used needn’t a ServletContextPath–it’s contained and relative,but the second ‘url’ will need a absolute path.But think a little more ,it’s obvious. The method sendRedirect belong to the Response object ,it can goto any place out of the Web Server .While the RequestDispatcher object belong to the Request object,it has the information of ServletContextPath.

In the late afternoon,I began to watch the SSH part of video.Got the first serveral chapter over.Feeling good but didn’t found something really new.

This piece of blog is not that clear.It consists of technique thought and simple summary.So it’s time to add a new category!

Blog In English

Several days ago,I saw a blog of  Adwood Jeff .It’s about the importance of expressing and writing. It triggered me to have a English Blog Site.Though English is not my native language,I often browse technical website or doc about Software.As the original content usually comes in English,look directly into them will make you in time grasping the technique  you need.

At last,a wish to me:Can keep this blog regularly!!